A Brief History of Tri-State


Tri-State begins operations.  Six employees work from office space in the home of one of its two founders in Mt Airy, MD.


The Company opens an "offical" office at  Wilkens Court, Rockville.  Total employment at this time is about 30.  


The Company relocates to Crabbs Branch Way.  Total employment is approximately 60.                

1987- 1988-

The Company completes its first million dollar project, and in 1988 moves to its current location on Rothgeb Drive in Rockville.  Total employment reaches approximately 85.


Daniel and Michel Guay purchase Maurice Guay's 50% ownership in the Company.  Total employment reaches about 100.


 Daniel and Michel Guay purchase remaining 50% of the Company from Jacques Pare. Total employment at this time about 130. 

2007- 2008-

Tri-State completes two projects over 5 million in value and also wins Subcontractor of the Year Award from ABC in consecutive years, firmly establishing it as one of the areas leading subcontractors.  Total employment is about 150.


A lightning strike causes a fire at Tri-State's offices.  Due primarily to water damage, a significant recovery effort is necessary.  Fortunately, the Company is able to continue field construction activities without interruption.  Total employment at this time is about 160.


 Among the many other awards won over the years, the Company wins Subcontractor of the Year from ABC for the 7th time.  Total employment averages about 175

2016 to Present-

Tri-State has continued to grow in its scope and size of work, currently working on projects valued from a few hundred thousand to over $11 million.  Our ongoing investments in technology and equipment keeps us at the top of our industry in providing the best in quality, service and value to our clients.